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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Shilpi's Wedding Party (Full HD Video)

Note: View The Video On 480p 720p Or 1080p Resolution Coz I Uploaded The Full HD Version.

Date: 28Th May 2013
Venue: The Milanee Hall (Jamshedpur) (Jharkhand) (India)
Special Occasion: Wedding Reception Party.

Shilpi Weds Sanjay.

Shilpi = Bride
Sanjay = Groom

Hello Everybody!!!
My Name Is "Evewin Lakra"
And In This Video
I'll Tell You
My Experience Of Attending
One Of My Classmate
Close Friend
Wedding Reception Party.

Let Me 1st Give You A Brief Introduction Of My Sweet Friend "Shilpi"

Who Is Shilpi ?
Shilpi Is A Thin,Short-Height
& Brillant Girl
From Our School.
She Is Not Only
Very Good In Studies
But Also Her Sweet Nature
Makes Her Very Different Kind Of Girl.

Few Months Back I Met Her After So Many Years And I Hardly Saw Any Changes In The Way She Communicate With Anyone.

That Time She Came To My House To Invite Me For Her Sister's Marriage.

& Few Months Back She Came Near My Area To See One Of Our Friend Who Is Not Well.

When I Again Met Her I Told Her That Don't Come To My House If You Don't Have Time For Distributing Her Marriage Cards I Insisted Her To Invite Me On Facebook Because Her House Is Very Far Away From My House But She Called Me After Few Day & She Was Again Asking Me To Give Her The Name Of My Mom So That She Can Write It Down On Her Wedding Card Will Personally Hand Over The Card To My Mom But I Again Called Her & Told Her That Its Ok If You Invite Me On Facebook Also I'll Attend Your Wedding & In The End She Did What I Asked Her & I'm Quite Happy About This.

Wedding Reception Party Was Supposed To Held In "The Milanee Hall" I Hardly Remember When Was The Last Time I Went To That Hall.

Once I Went To The Milanee Hall When I Was In School To See A Children Movie The Name Of That Movie Was "Mile" Or Something Like That.

& Earlier Also I Attended Few Wedding Reception Party In That Hall But Yesterday (28th May 2013) When I Went To "The Milanee Hall" I Was Shocked To See What They Have Done To The Hall.

They Have Renovated The Hall & It Was Really Hard For Me To Believe That Its The Same "Milanee Hall" Which I Once Knew.

Everything Was Looking Different.

Specially In The Entrance You'll Find Small Illusion Fountains Which Opened My Eyes That Time Has Changed & I Was Really Impressed With The Work Done By The People Who Renovated The Hall.

The Inside View Of "The Milanee Hall" Was Also A Joy To Watch Its Was Looking Well Designed & Very Well Built.

There Was Also A Big Lighted Poster Inside the Milanee Hall which was giving A Brand New Look To This Hall.

Now Switch To The Main Topic For Which I'm Writing This Post.
Shilpi Wedding Party)

On 28th May 2013 I Was As Usual Chatting With My Friends On The Internet It was Around 7:00 P.M. & Suddenly I Remember That I Have To Go To Bistupur To Attend Shilpi's Wedding Party So I Gave Farewell To My Internet Friends & Switched Off My Computer & Started Getting Ready For The Party.

My Mom Also Got Ready & At Around 8:00 P.M. We Left Home For "The Milanee Hall" (This Distance From My Home To "The Milanee Hall" Is Around 6-7 Km) We Reached There At Around 8:20 P.M.

The When I Entered The Hall Premises I Was Really Amazed By The Fact That Its The Same Hall Premises & It Was Very Well Decorated Specially For Shilpi Wedding Party.

The Only Thing I Didn't Like Was Some Kind Of Very Hard Phenol Smell Which Was Somewhat Ruining The Auspicious Wedding Environment.

But Thank God Its Smell Was Not Coming Inside The Actual Hall Where The Bride & The Groom Supposed To Sit.

I Spent Few Time In Taking Pics...........& Suddenly I Met One Old Classmate......(Puja Paul) She Was Also In Hurry Because She Said Her Mom Is Ill & She Just Came To Wish Shilpi.

After Sometime I Met One Of My Favorite Teacher "Bulbul Teacher" (Met Her After So Many Years)

My Mom & My Teacher Were Talking & I Was Capturing The Magic Moments Of Their Conversasion :)

Everybody (Including The Professional Cameramen) Were Searching For The Bride & The Groom Because That Time They Have Not Entered The Hall.

So,People Were Started Taking Starters.

The 1st Starters I Ate Was The Classic Indian Snack "Litti chokha"
(Ate & Enjoyed It Without Ghee) :) Coz I Don't Like Ghee.

Then I Ate My All Time Favorite Food Chowmein But I Must Say
"Litti chokha" Beat Chowmein On That Day :)

After Sometime My Mom Brought 2 Glasses Of Kiri Drink (Curd Drink) But I Told My Mom To Drink It Coz I Like Soft Cold Drink More.

So I Brought A Glass Of Miranda & 7up Mixture.

Then I Realized That Its Time To Go Inside & Check Wheather The Bride Came Or Not & Then Only Shilpi Entered The Hall She Was Looking Really Nice & Beautiful (The Key Here Is That She Has Not Over-done Any Makeup & That Is Why She Was Looking Amazing.........I Must Quote The Famous Dialog Of "Hrithik Roshan" Who Said In His 1st Movie
(kaho na pyaar hai)
Khoobsoorti Saadgi Mein Hi Hai... :)

Full Marks To Shilpi......

When Me & My Mom Met Shilpi On The Stage We Both Congratulated Her For Her Big Day & I Also Wished Her On Behalf Of Our Other Friends Who Were Unable To Visit Her Wedding Reception Party. (Like Urmi,Farha,Etc....)

Over All It Was Really Very Nice Party Organised By Shilpi & Her Family Members & I Thank Them For Inviting Me On This Wonderful Occasion.

For The Complete Pics & Videos About This Shilpi's Wedding Reception Party View My Video & Enjoy...

It Took Me 3 Days To Edit,Compose & Upload This Video.
I Hope You'll Like My Work.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Samsung Fridge Compressor Not Starting Problem Solved.

I Have One Double-Door Samsung Fridge/Refrigerator Which Is Somewhat New.

(Purchased It Around 6-7 Years Back) But Not Used It Much & Thats Why I'm Saying,Its New :)

Few Days Back I "Switched-On" My Fridge & I Was Really Amazed To Find Out That The Fridge Started Without Any Noise.

I Opened The Door Of My Samsung Fridge And Found Out That Its Light Was Glowing.

But When I Opened The Upper Compartment (The freezer compartment) Of My Fridge,I Found Out That There Was No Sound Of The Fan Coming From It.

Then I Thought Why This Is Happening ?

So I Switched-Off My Samsung Fridge/Refrigerator And Again Switched It On But The Result Is Same.
(I Did This Process Many Times But No Success)

(No Sound) Means (Compressor Not Starting) I Searched For Solutions On The Internet But None Of The Sloutions Were Working.

Firstly I Thought It May Be The Problem Of My Samsung Fridge "Relay" (Which May Have Gone Bad) Thus Its Preventing The Fridge From Starting.

So I Tried To Remove The "Relay" But Samsung Tech Engineers Have Done A
Marvelous Job In Designing The Lower Back Compartment
(Where The Compressor,"Relay" Etc Resides) "So Narrow" That Its Really Hard To Remove The "Relay" Easily (I Hate These Type Of Companies Who Always Make It Tough For Its Customers To "Fix Their Hard Earned Product" Very Easily)
They Want "YOU" To Call Their Lame Customer Care Service So That They'll Charge You Some Heavy Bucks To Fix Your Appliances
(Even Though The Problem Is Very Small They'll Charge You The Same)

Later I Thought It May Be The Problem With The "FAN" Which Resides In The Freezer Compartment So I Tried To Remove The Plastic Compartment Of The Freezer But After Opening All The Screws Also The Freezer Compartment Was Not Coming Out I Checked All The Notches & All The Corner But It Was Not Working I Was Only Able To Remove It Half Way.

(My This Action Also Went Down)
So I Again Bolted All The Screws Back

I Was Really Frustrated Because All My Efforts To Fix My Fridge Was Not Working.

Then All Of A Sudden I Remeber One Guy Who Is A Local Fridge Mechanic I Went To His Place Then Told Him My Fridge Problem He Said He'll Send His Other Guy To My House After Sometime To Fix My Fridge But I Insisted That I Want Him To Fix My Fridge Then He Agreed & He Came To My House With Me (On My Bike) After Looking At The Fridge He Switched The Power On But No Sound Of The Compressor I.E. Fridge Was Not Starting He Then Switched-Off The Power.
He Bent Down & Did Some "Magic-Trick" & Now When He Switched On The Power "Presto" I Heard The Sound Of The Compressor,
My Fridge Started I Felt Relief That My Problem Is Now Solved.

I Asked My Fridge Mechanic What Was The Problem & He Was So Kind That He Explained Me Roughly That Somtimes The Fridge Timer Gets Stuck & That Was My Case & Because Of This My Fridge Was Not Starting.

He Then Showed Me What To Do If In Future I Face The Same Problem.

In Samsung Fridge The Timer-Control Box Is Located In The Top-Left Corner
(On The Lower-Back Side Of Your Fridge Where The Compressor Resides)

Its A "Square Shape Box" With A Button (Jog) Which You Have To Rotate Once Or Twice To Solve This Kind Of Problem.

I'm Really Thankful To That Mechanic Who Solved My Fridge Starting Problem.

He Charged Me Less & He Also Told Me The Trick Of How To Fix My Fridge If In Future I Experience Similar Problem.

And That Is Why I Shared My Experience With You All.

Later Also I Faced 2-3 Times Similar Problem But The Solution Remained The Same.

Now My Fridge Is Working Good.

I Was Just Thinking If I Would Have Called The Authorized Guys From Samsung To Fix My Fridge,How Much Amount They Would Have Charged Me To Fix My Fridge.
May Be A Larger Amount Because Authorized People Are The Same People Who Do All Kinds Of Unauthorized Jobs.  :)

((( Do Remember )))

1st Try Your Level Best To Fix Your Stuffs Yourself
(Because You Are The One Who Care For Your Stuffs More Than Any Other Outsider)
& If You're Unable To Fix Your Stuffs Yourself Then There Are Many Talented + Good Mechanics Out There Who Are More Experienced Than The People Employed By The Authorized Service Stations.
Hire Them Instead Of The Authorized Service Stations Guys Who Will Always Charge You With Large Bills For Small Fixes.

Do Watch My Video About
"Samsung Fridge Compressor Not Starting Problem Solved"
To Find Visual Description Of My Problem & Solution.

& Do Remember To Share This Article/Video To Your Friends & Family To Educated Them If They Face Similar Kind Of Problem.

Share Your Comments & Do Visit My Blog Or My Youtube Channel In The Coming Days For More Interesting Videos & Posts.

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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Pappu-Sardar Ji Celebrating "Madhuri Dixit's" Birthday 2013.

 Who Is Pappu-Sardar Ji ?
Pappu Ji Is The Biggest Fan of Bollywood/Indian Actress "Madhuri Dixit".
He's The Man Who Is Renowned For Celebrating "Madhuri Dixit" Birthday Every-Year & On The Same Day He Distributes Free Food ( Cooked At His Own Snack Shop )To Public & Spends Time With Needy Children & Distribute Gifts & Free Food Among Them Too. He Is A Man With A Golden Heart Humble,Sweet Spoken ,Warm & Welcoming.
He Truly Teaches Us All How A Joyful Heart Can Spread So Much Happiness Around.

We As A Jamshedpur Citizens.. Adore Him.

Whenever I Go To Sakchi With My Mom I Never Forget To Visit
Pappu Sardar's Manohar-Chat Because Me & My Mom Really Enjoys The Way Scrumptious Chat (Indian Savory Snacks) Prepared By This Wonderful Shop Which Has Expert Cook To Make Amazing Indian Delicacies.

On 14th May 2013 I Went To His Shop With My Mom To Eat The "Samosa-Chat" At That Time The Shop Was Looking Little Bit Different Because...
It Was 14th May 2013 (One Day Before "Madhuri Dixit's" Birthday)
Not Only Manohar-Chat Shop But Also The Streets Were Decorated With Flowers & Big Posters Of "Madhuri Dixit" So Cool !

Just After When Me & My Mom Finished Eating The "Samosa-Chat" It Was My Luck That Mr.Pappu Sardar Ji Just Entered His Shop & I Greeted Him With Namaste (Hello) We Congratulated Him For His Great Work.

He Told My Mom That He Has Written A Small Poem About Water On The Occasion Of "Madhuri Dixit's" Birthday & Suddenly He Gave Us The Pamplet In Which He Describes His Thoughts About Conservation Of Water.
He's A Man With A Mission !!!
According To Me This Is A Great Way To Educate People About Saving Water.
Pappu Sardar Ji Not Only Educated People By Giving His Pamplet But Also He Gave "Earthhern-Pot" To The People Of Jamshedpur Who Visited His Shop On The Occasion Of "Madhuri Dixit's" Birthday (On 15th May 2013) He Cut The Cakes At Cheshire Home (Charity) Jamshedpur And Also Distributed Sweets & Gifts To Not Only To The Kids But Also To People Of All Ages.

Evewin Lakra Final Words:
We Must Salute The Man Who Is Not Only A Fan Of A Star ("Madhuri Dixit") But He Himself Is A Star Because The Way He Expresses His Love For What He Does.. Is Super Inspirational & Contagious!

Thankyou "Pappu Sardar Ji" For Doing A Job That Only One In A Million Can Do & Because Of People Like You Our City "Jamshedpur" Is A Better Place To Be !
I Forgot To Mention On 14th May 2013 I Forgot My Digicam At Home So I Shot The Pic With My Cell Phone (1.3MP Camera)
Then Again It Doesn't Matter I'm Still Very Happy Because I Got The Opportunity To Stand Beside Pappu Sardar Ji. (A Man With The Golden Heart)
 So Here's Wishing The Ever-Beautiful "Madhuri Dixit " A Very Joyous Birthday & My Heartfelt Prayers & Wishes For The Star Of Our City "Pappu Sardar Ji" !
Pics Shot By Evewin Lakra
Article Written By Dolly Lakra & Evewin Lakra.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Vadilal Gourmet Review By Evewin

My Best Solution To Beat Summer Is To Gorge On  Plenty Of Delicious Ice Creams :)
So Today I'll Be Reviewing One Of The Delicious Ice Creams Delicacies.

Ice-Cream Name
Vadilal Gourmet "Goldern Ribbon"

Now exeperience the heavenly pleasures on earth with
Vadilal's Gourmet.
Made With the finest quality ingredients,
Its rich and creamy texture in an excellent
way to treat your taste buds.

Vadilal Gourmet Ice-Creams Are Available Seven Exotic Flavours:

1. Vadilal Gourmet "Goldern Ribbon"
2. Vadilal Gourmet "Praline N Creme"
3. Vadilal Gourmet "Silk Chocolate"
4. Vadilal Gourmet "Pistachio Almond Fudge"
5. Vadilal Gourmet "Belgian Chocolate"
6. Vadilal Gourmet "Java Chips"
7. Vadilal Gourmet "Wild Strawberry"

Yesterday While Coming Home From The Market I Bought One Tub Of
Vadilal Gourmet "Goldern Ribbon" From My Friend's Shop.

The Flavour Of Vadilal Gourmet "Goldern Ribbon" Is Really Nice Especially If You Love Classic Ice-Cream Flavours Like "Vanilla , Strawberry, Or Chocolate.

Vadilal Gourmet "Goldern Ribbon" Has A Fine Blend Of Chocolate And Vanilla Flavour Which Gives Rich Taste To This Delicacy.

Everyone In My Home Loved This Ice-Cream And Just Now I Slurped Down My Vadilal Gourmet "Goldern Ribbon"& I'm Looking Forward To My Next Vadilal Gourmet Feast In The Coming Days :)

Do Share Your Favourite Ice-Cream Flavours And Don't Forget Subscribe To My Youtube Channel ( For Reviews About Products Which I Like And Buy. :)

These Are The Two Great Proverbs I Must Say When I Talk About Ice-Creams.

“I Doubt Whether The World Holds For AnyOne A More Soul-Stirring Surprise Than The First Adventure With Ice-Cream” ~Heywood C. Broun

“You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream For Ice-Cream” ~ American Proverb Quote

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Youtube Survey 2013

Hello Youtube Users!!!

Have You Received A Mail Regarding Youtube Survey ?

Check Your Mail Inbox Now.

For Those Who Have Not Yet Entered The Survey I Request You All To Take Up A Minute And Fill Up The Details In The Survey So That Youtube Will Improve Its Service Based Upon Your Response.

These Are The Question Which Users Have To Answer In The Survey.

(Watch The Video,Questions Has Been Included In The Video)

 Will Update The Questions Images Here After Sometimes.