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Sunday, 28 April 2013

BSNL Increased The Broadband Fixed Monthly Charges

BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigham Limited)
Increased The Broadband Fixed Monthly Charges:-


Another Sad News For BSNL Broadband Customer As The Telecom Giant Of India BSNL Increased Their Broadband Fixed Monthly Charges.

This Step Is Truly Unthinkable Because BSNL Is A Government Owned Company And This Is The Only Telecom Campany That Has The Largest No. Of Consumers In India.

Its Really Sad To Hear This News Not Only For Me But For Anybody Who Follow The Net-Trends In India.

The Saddest Part About This Price Increase Is That Your Bandwidth SPEED Will Remain The SAME :)

Eg. Suppose You Have A Plan Of Rs.750 Per Month
Your Monthly Bill Comes To Somewhat Rs.850 Because Of The Service Tax
Of (Rs.97 Approx) i.e. (That Is) Around Rs.850 Per Month For A 512Kbps Connection And From Now On You Have To Pay Rs.50 Extra Which Will Make Your Bill Around Rs.900 Per-Month For A 512Kbps Connection.

I Think Either BSNL Or The Government Don't Wants To Promote Or Increase Broadband Users In India.

They Always Talk About Spreading Broadband Access In Rural Parts Of India And By Applying Such Schemes Its Really Sad To Say It Can Never Be Possible For Any Low Income Group People To Use Broadband Service.

We Always Used To Say We Are No Less Than China As Compared To Computing Knowledge Or The Internet Services We Get But Then Again All These Statements Fall Shot Because As Of My Knowledge China Is All Set To Increase Their Least Broadband Speed To Around 4Mbps
(I Think They Already Started Implementing Such Plans Both In Rural & Urban Areas And For Us We Can Only Watch Other Countries Progress)

In The End Of This Post I'm Including The Screen-Shots Of The Increased Price Of Bsnl Broadband Connection In India:

Hope It'll Be Helpful For Anybody Who Was Thinking To Buy Bsnl But Now After Looking At The Price-Sheet He'll Definitely Change His Mind.

My Final Verdict:
Bsnl = Low Bandwidth
Bsnl = High Price

My Humble Suggestion To Bsnl Executives:

Make A (Unlimited) Plan For Rs.500 (Which Includes Tax) For A Speed Of 512Kbps

Make A (Unlimited) Plan For Rs.1000 (Which Includes Tax) For A Speed Of 1Mbps

Then Only Our Nation Can Progress In The Net-Arena Or Else Wel'll Always Be Counted As A Left-behind Country Who Has The Potential But Because Of Government Restrictions We're Loosing.

Share Your Experience Of Using Bsnl Broadband Connection And Also Share Your Views About This Increased Price.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Today Chris Gayle Created History By Scoring 175 Runs In Just 66 Balls

Full Name: Christopher Henry Gayle
Born     21 September 1979 (age 33)
Kingston (Jamaica)
Nickname: Gayleforce, GayleStorm, Master Storm
Height     6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)
Batting style     Left-handed
Bowling style     Right arm offbreak
Role     All-Rounder

Today (23rd April 2013) Chris Gayle Created History By Scoring 175 Runs In Just 66 Balls (That's Insane) :)

Chris Gayle Has Set a new World Record To Score The fastest century in cricket with Just A 30-ball Century for Bangalore.

Gayle Broke His Earlier T20 Record Of 117 Which He Scored against South Africa in the first match of the 2007 World Twenty20

Chris Gayle has set a new record for the fastest century in the history of professional cricket with an astonishing ton off just 30 balls for the

Today Chris Gayle Stunned Every Cricket Lover On This Planet Earth With His Amazing Bat-Flow Even His IPL Team-Mates
(Royal Challengers Bangalore) Would Not Had Have Thought Of Anyone Scoring  That Much Amount Of Runs Individually.

Chris Gayle Gained His Beloved Orange Cap Back And Has Become The Only Player To ever seen in Twenty20 Ending The Inning with 175 off 66 balls.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Chef-Christon Sweet Jilebi/Jalebi

Chef-Christon Sweet Jilebi/Jalebi

Jalebi or Jilawii and sometimes Jalibi:
Is a sweet popular in countries of the Indian Sub-continent such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Bangladesh as well as many other countries in the Middle East and North Africa, like Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco.

It is made by deep-frying a wheat-flour (Maida flour) batter
in pretzel or circular shapes,
which are then soaked in sugar syrup.

Today Chef-Christon Is Making Jilebi/Jalebi
With Gits Jilebi Mix

Chef-Christon Facts:
I Don't Like Sweets Very Much But Still I'm Making This Dish As I Have Got One Pack Of Ready To Make Gits Jilebi Mix.

Lets See How It Turns Out To Be.

Buy One Packet Of Ready To Make Gits Jilebi Mix Or Jilebi Mix Of Any Other Brand.

If You Want To Make The Jilebi Mix On Your Own Then Note Down These Ingredients To Make Your Own Jilebi Mix:

Ingredients To Make Jilebi Batter:

Half Cup All Purpose flour (Maida)
1 Teaspoon besan (Gram-Flour)
Half Teaspoon yeast
Half Teaspoon oil
Half Teaspoon sugar
1-2 Small Cup Of water To Mix.

Ingredients To Make Jilebi Sweet Syrup:
2 Small Cup sugar
1 Cup water
Cardamom Powder (For Flavour)
Few strands of saffron (Its Not A Must Ingredients)
1 Teaspoon Lemon Juice (To Make Your Jilebi Sweet Syrup Crystal-Clear)

You'll Also Need Oil (I Used Edible Vegetable Oil To Fry)


Step 1.
Mix All The Jilebi Batter Ingredients In A Bowl And Add Water As Needed To Make Batter.

Step 2.
Put The Jilebi Batter In A Plastic Bottle That Has A Hole In The Opening, or Make A Hole Yourself In That Plastic Bottle.

Step 3.
Heat Oil In Your Deep Frying Pan.

Step 4.
Now You Are Ready To Make Jalebis.

Step 5.
Pour The Jalebi Mixture From The Bottle To The Frying Pan
(In Circular Motion) And Fry Them Till They Become Golden Brown.

Step 6.
Make Jilebi Sweet Syrup:
Boil The Sugar And Water Together In A Different Pan
Add Cardamom Powder And Finally Add The Lemon Juice And Cook For About 8-10 Minutes In Low Heat.

Step 7.
Put The Hot Fried Golden Brown Jalebis In The Sweet Sugar Syrup That You Have Made And Let It Soak The Sweet Syrup For About ((( 10 Seconds)))

Step 8.
Remove The Jalebis From The Sweet Syrup And Serve it In A Plate

Step 9.
Garnish The Jalebis With Mint Leaves Or Almonds Or Saffron Or Eat & Enjoy It Without Garnishing :)

Saturday, 20 April 2013

BlueTooth BH09 Review

Suspect No.2 IN CUSTODY

Boston Marathon Bombing
Suspect No.2 IN CUSTODY

Updated Story:

(((Police Tweeted)))
"The bombing suspect No.2 is in custody,
"CAPTURED" The hunt is over"

The Police Confirmed the man in custody is Suspect No.2
(Dzhokar Tsarnaev)

According To The Police official:
The Search Team Also Found Large Amount Of Homemade Explosives.

Earlier Dzhokar Tsarnaev escaped from a shootout with police in suburban-Watertown.

The 1st Suspect Who Died Earlier In An Encounter Was Wearing Explosives In His Body When he Died.

Friday, 12 April 2013

Castrol Power-1

Yesterday I Took My Bike For Servicing
Changed Its Engine Oil With
(Castrol Power-1 4T SAE 15W-40)

After Changing The Engine Oil Its Running Really Smooth.

So I Thought To Share My Experience Of Using
Castrol Power-1 4T SAE 15W-40.

Few Days Back I Went To My Favorite Auto Parts And Lubricants Shop
Who Recommended Me To Use This Engine Oil For My Bike
(Hero-Honda CD-Dawn)

The Shop Keeper Is A Very Friendly Guy
And He Never Recommend Me
To Use Any Bad Product
So I Bought
Castrol Power-1 4T SAE 15W-40.

Is This Engine Oil Expensive ?

Yes....It Is,
But Its Smoother Than Any Other Engine Oil That Is Available In The Market In That Price Range.

I Paid Rs-350
For 1 litre Dark-Green Bottle Of
Castrol Power-1 4T SAE 15W-40

These Are Few Of The Features Of Castrol Power-1 4T SAE 15W-40

Castrol Power-1 4T SAE 15W-40 Helps To Enhances Engine Protection.

Castrol Power-1 4T SAE 15W-40 Reduces Engine Wear Because Its A Part-Synthetic Formulation Engine Oil.

Castrol Power-1 4T SAE 15W-40 Increase Engine Power And You Can Truly Feel The Difference Once You Use This Engine Oil.

Other Specification Of Castrol Power-1 4T SAE 15W-40

((( Technology Support )))

Trizone Technology
Power Release Formula
Increased Power

((( Part Synthetic )))

Meets API SL valve train wear performance and exceeds the requirements of JASO-MA2 standards.

Pack Size- 1 Litre and 900 ml

Can Be Used In These Bikes:

Recommended For Use In All 4-stroke High-Performance Motorcycles Such as Bajaj
And All Other Manufactures.

I Suggest All The People Who Like To Keep Their Bike In Best Condition To Use Castrol Power-1 4T SAE 15W-40
Because Its Really An Amazing Product.

After Injecting My Bike With This Engine Oil Its Sound Is Really Driving Me Crazy.

Share Your Experience Of Using Castrol Or Any Other Engine Oil Which You Like.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Chef-Christon Dahi Vada

Simplest Way To Make Dahi-Vada

Today Chef-Christon Will Show You How To Make The Dahi-Vada In An Easy Way.

Dahi vada Is Known By Many Names Like:
Dahi Bhalla in Punjabi and Urdu
Mosaru Vade in Kannada
Dahi Bara in Oriya
Thayir Vadai in Tamil/Malayalam 
Perugu Vada in Telugu
Doi Bora in Bengali

Dahi vada Is An Indian Chaat/Snack Prepared By Soaking Vadas In Thick Dahi (Yogurt).

((( Ingredients )))

Ingredients For Vada:
2 Cup Urad daal.
1 Cup Besan (Gram Flour).
Finely Chopped Ginger
1 Teaspoon Ajwain (Carom Seeds).
2 Fresh Green Chillies.
Vegetable Refined Oil To Deep Fry.

((( For Garnishing )))
2 Roasted Grounded Red Paprika
2 Teaspoon Roasted Cumin (Jeera) Powder
Freshly Chopped Coriander (Dhania Leaves)
Tamarind Sauce
Fresh Curry Leaves

((( Star Ingredient )))

1/2 kg Dahi (Fresh Yogurt)

((( Procedure )))

To Make Vada

Soak 2 Cup Urad Daal
(In Cold Water Overnight)
Grind It Into Smooth Paste The Next Day.
Add Salt To Taste To The Urad Daal Paste.

Now Add
Finely Chopped Ginger
Freshly Chopped Coriander
(Dhania Leaves)
1 Teaspoon Ajwain
(Also known as Carom Seeds)
2 Finely Chopped Fresh Green Chillies

Add These Ingredients
Into The Urad daal Paste
And Mix Well Until A Nice And Smooth
Batter Is Created.

Heat Oil In a Deep Frying Pan
Make Little Balls With The Urad Daal Batter
Now Drop The Balls Into The Heated Oil
And Deep Fry Till It Turns
Crispy Golden Brown.

Note 1:
Deep Frying Must Be Done In Slow Flame
To Make The Vada More
Crispier And Yummier!!!!!

Some Like The Vada To Be Extra Soft
So They Dip The Vada Into The Cold-Water
Just After Removing Them From
The Frying Pan.

But I Prefer Releasing The Vadas Directly Into The Yogurt
(To Retain Its Crispness)

Note 2:
Whisk The Yogurt
Before Dipping The Vadas Into It.

Note 3:
Incase The Yogurt Is Too Thick You Can Add Little Cold Water To The Yogurt To Balance The Thickness Of The Yogurt.

((( For Final Garnishing )))


Roasted Grounded Red Paprika
Roasted Cumin (Jeera) Powder
Freshly Chopped Coriander (Dhania Leaves)
Tamarind Sauce
Fresh Curry Leaves

Into The Vadas And Your Simple Delicious Dahi-Vada Is Ready To Be Enjoyed With Families And Friends.

((( Do Remember )))

You Don't Need Everything Listed In My "Garnishing-List" Of This Recipe To Enjoy The Dahi-Vada.

Even Plain Dahi-Vadas (Without Any Garnishing)
Only Vada Will Make You Smile
When You Make It And Taste It Yourself.

Hope You'll Like
My Delicious Dahi-Vada Recipe.

Thanks To My Mom (Mrs. Pushpa Lakra) For Showing Us A Demo Of How To Make Simple But Delicious Dahi-Vada.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Chef-Christon Ladies Finger Fry

The Simplest Way To Cook Ladies Finger

Ladies Finger Fry
(Bhindi Bhunjia)
(Okra Fry)

Okra known in many English-speaking countries as lady's fingers, bhindi or gumbo, is a flowering plant in the mallow family.

It is valued for its edible green seed pods.

The geographical origin of okra is disputed, with supporters of South Asian, Ethiopian and West African origins.

The plant is cultivated in tropical, subtropical and warm temperate regions around the world.

((( Medicinal Properties )))

Unspecified parts of the plant were reported in 1898 to possess diuretic properties this is referenced in numerous sources associated with herbal and traditional medicine.

Cooking Ingredients:

1. Freshly Chopped Ladies Finger/Bhindi
2. Mustard Oil
3. Two Chopped Red Onions
4. Salt To Taste


Wash And Chop Ladies Finger/Bhindi Into Small Circular Pieces

Heat 3-4 Tablespoon Mustard Oil In The Pan

Now Add Two Chopped Red Onions Into The Pan

Saute The Onions Till It Turns Golden Brown

Now Add Freshly Chopped Ladies Finger/Bhindi

Add Salt According To Your Taste

Mix Well

Let It Cook For About 7-8 Minutes And In Between Stir Fry Well

All The Sweetness Of The Red Onions Envelope The Ladies Finger/Bhindi Giving It A Very Tender Sweet Flavour

Serve It Hot With Home Cooked Whole Wheat Bread/Roti (Indian Flat Bread) Or Steamed Rice.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Castrol Magnatec Engine Oil Review.

Hey Guys!!!!!!
Today I Purchased
Castrol Magnatec Engine Oil
Maruti Suzuki Alto Car. Castrol Magnatec – leading the fight against engine wear

If you care about your car you’ll want to keep it in the best possible condition.

Regular servicing and maintenance have a big part to play but there’s a simple thing you can do to reduce engine wear.

Switch to Castrol Magnatec and your engine’s critical parts will be protected at all times.

The unique formulation with Castrol Magnatec ultra-refined Intelligent Molecules is designed to cling to your engine parts, dramatically reducing warm-up wear and leaving critical parts up to 15 times smoother, for protection you can see, hear and feel.

Castrol Magnatec is a semi synthetic engine oil that’s suitable for both petrol and diesel engines.

Castrol Magnatec's Intelligent Molecules defy gravity

As we’ve seen, the problem with engine oil is that it drains off your engine when you need it most – which is why Castrol’s scientists have worked so hard to prevent this.

The breakthrough they’ve achieved is Castrol Magnatec’s Intelligent Molecules.

molecules which give oil the power to cling to critical parts even when your engine is turned off; ready to protect from the moment you turn the key.

These ultra-refined molecules are in unique formulations, exclusive to Castrol Magnatec.

Castrol Magnatec’s ability to cling to metal surfaces is a real leap forward in oil technology.

Pack size available In 500ml, 3L, 3.5L & 4L

(((My Final Words)))
After Injecting My Car With Castrol Magnatec 5w-30 SN Engine Oil
My Car Is Running Smoother Without Any Slightest Of Engine Noise.

Thankyou Team Castrol For Making A Revolutionary Product.

Ready to protect your car? Find the right oil for your engine and see where to buy Castrol Magnatec

The product range includes Castrol Magnatec 5W-30 API SN/ILSAC GF-5, Castrol Magnatec 10W-40 API SN/CF.

Castrol Magnatec gets to work fast, adding an instant layer of protection

"Castrol Magnatec reduces the wear on your engine from day one – so it’s never too late to change"

Castrol Magnatec 5W-30 API SN/
ILSAC GF-5: benefits and specification

As part of the Castrol Magnatec range, our 5W-30 oil contains Intelligent Molecules that cling to your engine and form an extra layer that protects from start up.

Castrol Magnatec 5W-30 combines petrol saving technology with ultra-refined Molecule for an extra layer of protection, reducing wear during the critical warm period.
Is Castrol Magnatec 5W-30 API SN/ ILSAC GF-5 suitable for my car?

Suitable for new age petrol cars requiring API SM, API SN,ILSAC GF-4 and ILSAC GF-5 specifications.

Ready to protect your car? Find the right oil for your engine and see where to buy Castrol Magnatec.

Castrol Customer Care
Customer Care Toll Free:1800 209 8100 (Tata Indicom)
Phone: 022–6783 9800